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Friendly Food Qatar, a leading company in the sales and distribution of high quality consumer goods, hired the services of IBLS to implement an investment plan concerning the construction of Warehouses with Temperature Controlled, Chilled & Frozen Modules and all related Infrastructure Works in order for the Warehouse to operate, serving specialized needs for Food Stuff, Household Items and Cleaning Materials.

The investment is implemented in an area of 20,278.57 m² in Birkat Al Awamer (MANATEQ), State of Qatar.

IBLS assumed total Responsibility as Consultant and proceeded with the Project Design, up to Tender Stage.

IBLS Main Design Criteria are oriented to:
• Efficient Order Preparation / Processing activities
• Fast Loading & Dispatch

• Maximum Storage Capacity
• Construction Cost
• Medium Commercial Value
• Fast Unloading & Palletization

Specifically, the facility consists of the main Warehouse Building, which includes Mezzanines for Added-value Logistics Activities, Administrative areas and Showroom at ground floor. Besides the main Warehouse Building there are also Oil Storage and Truck Wash Building, Accommodation Building, Utility Spaces and other Supporting Facilities.

New Logistics Center of FRIENDLY FOOD QATAR: 11.960 m2 (2018)
Project budget: 35.000.000 QR