The investment is set for development in an area of ~ 10,000 m² located in Industrial Area, State of Qatar consisting of warehousing facilities, workshop, administrative areas, accommodation, showroom and other supporting facilities.
The buildings occupy a total area of 11,221.67 m². The facility consists of the main Warehouse Building (B01), which includes Workshop, Mezzanine for Offices, Mezzanine for Stock Area, Auxiliary Warehouse Offices and Showroom at ground floor level, occupying an area of 4,431.59 m².
Besides the main Warehouse Building there are also the following:
• in the West façade and towards the project South-West MEP & Amenities Building (B04): 70 m²
• towards the project North-East Accommodation Building (B02): 2,290.00 m²
• towards the project South-West Accommodation Building (B03): 1,350.00 m²
• Electrical Substation 1 (B08) is located right next to site boundary (fence) towards the project South. Electrical Substation 2 (B09) is located right next to site boundary (fence) towards the project North.
• Underground Fire and Water Tanks with Pump Room are located in the basement of Accommodation Building (B02).
• Furthermore, underground Septic Tank is used for proper sewage.

Project budget: 20.000.000 QR