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IBLS possesses extensive experience in Industrial Buildings, Logistics Centers & Logistics Villages Design, which has been transformed into a reliable methodology for the Investment Projects of our clients.
IBLS possesses the methodology and experience for the design and the installation / construction of special facilities.

WE can provide Complete Solutions for the Design, Procurement and Project Management of Logistics & Industrial Development Projects.
IBLS has built long term relationships with key Clients, through Experience, Skill, Team work.

  • Registered in the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport & holder of a company diploma in the following study categories:
  • Mechanical – Electrical – Electronics (Category 9) – Grade E diploma
  • Industrial studies (Category 15) – Grade B diploma
  • Member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)


IBLS possesses the methodology and experience for the design and the installation or construction of special equipment:

IBLS possesses extensive experience in Industrial Buildings, Logistics Centers & Logistics Villages Design, which has been transformed into a reliable methodology for the Investment Projects of our clients.

Complete Design of the Project

– Requirement analysis

The best possible understanding of the client’s needs, the systematic mapping of the current and the anticipation of any future requirements, as well as the incorporation of the works into the general context of modern techniques and solutions constitute a premise for success:

Proper design takes place from the inside out; from the Product & SKU and the current activities on the Production & Stock inside the building.

For this reason, IBLS begins each Project with the Diagnostic Study & Requirement Analysis (Stock Data Organization & Analysis, Production & Storage Calculation Model) to conclude on the proposed operational arrangements and the Building Concept.

– Building concept

The building under design shall adapt to the current stock & production needs and not vice versa. Such requirements relate to the following:

  • Maximum Storage volume of building
  • Optimum flow of goods in the production process
  • Flexibility of racking arrangement with variable aisle positions
  • Size flexibility of all functional areas (RL, Cross Docking Area, Added Value Area)

– Master plan

Design includes full utilization of available terrain and construction of the project in phases, in order for a possible future plant expansion to be optimum from a financial technical and operational point of view.

– Activities & Equipment

Presentation and selection among the most up to date methods and equipment in Logistics Center operation:

  • Racks
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Automations Systems and
  • Warehouse Management Systems & Activities

Assumption of Full Responsibility

Proper design is accompanied by the assumption of responsibility for all installation studies, along with budgeting design and licensing of the project, as well as construction supervision up to the delivery and operation of the project by the client:
  • Responsibility Assumption by a single Manager regarding communication with the client for all technical, economical and operational issues that may arise.
  • Management Information System regarding administration and support of the design, the communications protocol and quality assurance (QA/QC)
Integrated level of Quality and Technical Competence for all parts of the design:
  • Architectural & Civil Facilities
  • Special Equipment & Special Installations
  • Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Mechanical Installations & Networks
  • Electrical Installations
  • Energy Systems
  • Special Technical Services (3D – Model Building Design, Bill of Material Quantities, Building Permit etc.)
Project Management following the Detailed Design Process and offering services that guarantee:
  • Time Schedule Adherence
  • Administration Quality Control
  • Budget Management
  • Site Administration
  • Technical Management

Design guarantee

IBLS, certifies the technical sufficiency of all designs up to the amount of 3,000,000€ for individual buildings, with the ability to multiply this amount in case of large investment projects or Logistics Villages at the client’s request.